Cost-effective PricesProject DeadlinesQuality AssuranceCustomer Satisfaction
  • Cost-effective Prices

    In project management, cost plays a prominent role. We have a very competitive team, which continuously keeps track of the new product launch, better alternatives available in the market and also enlightens us about the competitive deals, which reduces our cost and hence that of our clients as well.

  • Project Deadlines

    One of our major core competencies is timely completion of projects. At Intex Artistry, project managers give priority to the timely completion of the projects, which ensures satisfaction of clients, without any disappointment. We are highly proud and delighted to execute various fast track projects, especially in the recent times.

  • Quality Assurance

    In order to stay ahead of our competitors, it is very essential to use reliable and durable products. For this, our company is integrated with major suppliers for ensuring the best quality of products at the most competitive prices. Our company also performs quality testing to ensure that no inferior products are used in our projects. The company has trusted and reliable supervisors, who keep a closed supervision of not only on the products but also on the finishing quality of the projects.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    By coordinating with the client it is ensured that our client regularly informs us about the project progress, which in turn helps us in offering a better product quality with timely completion at a competitive cost. At the end of the day, with all these objectives, we hope to see our client making way to his comfortable, striking and memorable home with sparkling eyes.

Welcome to Intex Artistry

Intex Artistry is a Premiere building interior & exterior contracting Company since 1987, aims to provide one window solution to all interior requirements. Intex Artistry is operating in the field of interior Design, General Contracting, maintenance and Project Management capable of undertaking build to order and turn-key jobs.


Our Service Standards


Our Core Values

    • Technical Expertise
    • Experience
    • Highly Skilled team
    • Expert knowledge of industry dynamic
    • Reliability and responsibility of work
    • Clients’ confidence
    • Innovation
    • Timely completion of projects
    • Empathizing Clients’ needs
    • Use of latest technology and techniques
    • Adopting International Qaulity Standards
    • Adhere to the Legacy

Intex Artistry provides high standard services in products like Wood, Aluminum, false ceiling, Electro-mechanical and Glass Works as well as special Interior & Furnishings.

Using Effective Project Planning & Execution, we ensure Projects are being done on time within Budget and according to Scope or Specification. Efficient Supply Chain Management helps us better Utilization of Resources.

Building an effective partnership with Architectural Firms and Developers and with a skilled team of professionals, we have built up an enviable reputation in all associated disciplines.

Our Top Priority is to Ensure Quality, therefore, we use latest Quality systems to comply with ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

Working for numerous Projects, we listen and exchange ideas in team environment to realize and fulfill the expectations of each individual project.

We offer a different style and innovative approach in our design concepts and solutions. Whether designing Interior spaces for offices, Apartments, Houses, Villas or Lighting concept, our experience and attention to detail proves invaluable to the client.

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